TYPE: Female

AGE: I was once young


My name is Bev and this entire blog will be devoted to a multilayered and levelled Role Playing Game.  It seems strange to announce something I have never ever done before in my life.  But hey, if you can’t have a go at things, you never know just how much you’ll learn along the way.  Moreso, my life has always been full of quirks, skirts and shirks so I see no reason why I can’t have a go at this utterly stupid (on my part) idea…

As part of the announcement, my intention is to;

1 – Design, develop, produce and (if I don’t go bonkers and make it this far) manufacture a game that is family orientated for all to play.

Moreover, I totally believe I am going to;

1 – Go bonkers!

2 – Require hospitalisation

3 – Loose creditability as a Mum from the Burbs

And lastly, to all my mates in Perth – Wish me luck!!!!


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